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Services for Schools

all services for schools can be tailored to your specific requirements

Conference Break Time

Hybrid Bulk Applications

Bulk applications are a great way to offer your students a study-abroad service at very affordable prices. 


We can come to your school for in-person seminars, discussions, and consultations.


This can be complemented with personalized one-to-one or group online consultations, ensuring a smooth experience and convenient process.

Online Training

Aplyo can tailor make courses for your school in the following areas:


-IELTS Test Preparation

-English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

-Introduction to Studying Abroad


These courses can be delivered completely online at times convenient to your school's schedule. Online classrooms are secure and accessed by invitation only. 

Online Class

In-person Training

Any of our online training courses can also be delivered in-person at your school.


Don't pay a teacher all year for a course that can be delivered in as little as 5 days. Aplyo can send a highly qualified and experienced teacher to your school - currently servicing East and South-East Asia except mainland China.

In-person training can also be conducted along with in-person study-abroad consultations. Bundle services together for greater cost savings. 


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