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University Scholarships in Canada

In this post we're bringing you some information about scholarships available to international students at 4 quality Canadian higher education providers. Let's jump right in and explore some scholarships in Canada!

First on the list is Durham College which has 2 campuses - Oshawa and Whitby. If you go to this page on their website you can take virtual tours of different parts of each campus. Located in Ontario, this college offers an extensive range of programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The full list of international courses is available here.

Durham College Scholarships

Next is Fleming College. Also located in Ontario, Fleming College has 3 campuses in Peterborough, Lindsay, and Haliburton. Their website has an information booklet for international students which can be downloaded here in PDF format in English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Turkish. Fleming College offers a great range of scholarships for international students which can be found here.

Fleming College Scholarships

Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology has 7 campuses in Ontario. According to their website, Georgian College has students from 83 countries around the world, with international student numbers above 6,000. Information for international students can be found on this page, which is very well presented and simple to navigate.

Georgian College Scholarships

Last but not least, Niagara College Canada is also located in Ontario and has 2 campuses. This college has hosted over 9,000 international students from 110 countries, and all the information international students could possibly need is clearly presented on this page of their website.

Niagara College Canada Scholarships

Contact us for more details or for assistance applying to any of the schools listed here. Remember that our blog posts can only deal with a tiny fraction of the 1,600+ schools we deal with around the world, so get in touch for a more detailed, tailored search. Our service options can be found here.

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