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Canberra - Affordable Courses

Updated: Jan 7

As part of our Focus on Australia series, we thought it would be helpful to look at all 8 Australian capital cities to see if we could find the best value courses at each level. To keep things simple, we are looking only at the lowest tuition fees for accredited courses in each city. While this is by no means a scientific approach, we think it will demonstrate that there are affordable options for students at all levels (certificate, diploma, bachelor's etc.).

Despite being Australia's capital, Canberra is a small city with limited options for higher education. However, one very interesting option we have in Canberra is the option to move from High School Grade 11 (second-last year of secondary school) into a university foundation program. From there, students can choose multiple directions, ultimately leading them to a bachelor's degree in fields as diverse as Psychology, Business, Medical Science, Sports Media, and more. This is quite a rare and unique pathway offered by University of Canberra College.


* Other fees may apply e.g. application fee etc.

* We can convert grades from any country for you

* The length of your visa will match your course length e.g. 1-year course = 1-year visa

* All information is correct at time of publication. Institutions reserve the right to change any details at any time, and as such, prices listed are not guaranteed and all information is for reference only

* All courses listed below are currently active on our database and multiple intakes open throughout 2024

Most Affordable Courses in Canberra, 2024

(available through Gonda Education Services):

5 to 50 week General English (ESL) @ University of Canberra College (UC College)

Elementary to intermediate levels

Entry Requirement: Graduated High School Grade 12 (minimum GPA 50%)

Tuition Fee: AUD $14,400 / year

1-Year University Foundation Program + 8-month College Diploma (choose Business, Information Technology, Design, Communication, Science, or Health) @ University of Canberra College (UC College)

Entry Requirement: High School Grade 11 (minimum GPA 50%)

Tuition Fee: AUD $15,840 / year

3-Year Bachelor of Business (HR) - continued from foundation program and diploma above @ University of Canberra College (UC College)

Total of 4 years and 8 months from foundation to bachelors degree

Other bachelor's degrees available through this route include Psychology, Communication, Medical Science, Sports Media, Software Engineering, Financial Planning, Accounting, & more

Entry Requirement: High School Grade 11 (minimum GPA 50%)

Tuition Fee: AUD $15,840 / year

6-month Graduate Certificate - Academic Foundations @ University of Canberra College (UC College)

Pathway course for Master's Degrees at University of Canberra (UC)

Entry Requirement: 3-Year undergraduate degree

Tuition Fee: AUD $13,080 / year

For more details or a personalized course search, please contact us below.

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