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Bachelor of Science (Honors), Environment & Sustainability


GBP 26,100 / year


4 years


About the Course

This course will provide students with the interdisciplinary skills to tackle the challenges faced by individuals, companies and society in implementing sustainable development. In Year 1, students will be taught by CES academics, with modules focusing on core environmental science, climate change, environmental economics, sustainable development and research methods. There is also a residential fieldwork module focused on the sustainable regeneration of environments and communities.

Studets will be taught by CES academics, who have experience in academia, industry and the public sector. Their research interests and industry experience includes:

  • Clean energy and clean technology

  • Consumption and production

  • Corporate environmental behaviour

  • Life cycle assessment

  • Policy development

  • Sociology of the environment

  • Sustainable prosperity

  • Vertical farming

  • Water and sanitation

Your Instructor

University of Surrey, UK

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